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Karen recently retired after 35 years of teaching elementary students. She enjoys volunteering in the community and at her church. As a conservative, she would offer accountability to students, parents, and taxpayers that ensures future success in any career, a fiscally responsible budget, and a structured, traditional curriculum based on higher standards.

Karen Miller’s Motivation for Running

In the last few years of her teaching career, Karen noticed a decrease in the love of learning in students. Many students lacked a desire to ask questions, participate in discussions, study for tests, or complete assignments. As a retired teacher, she retains her strong commitment to public education. She is engaged and willing to work to make a difference in Dover where her primary focus will be on core academics, instead of indoctrination.

Karen Miller’s Goals

• Strong reading and math curriculum
• Parental involvement
• Fiscal responsibility
A 50-year Dover resident, Craig is a proud father and grandfather of Dover graduates as well as a current Dover student. He has been active in their education, athletics and church youth group. He earned his PA State Boilermaker papers, a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and MBA. Craig retired from a career in a local manufacturing facility.

Craig Kindig’s Motivation for Running

Craig believes that the primary role of our schools is preparing our children for the future. As a manager who was involved in hiring new employees, he noticed that new applicants had difficulty passing a basic aptitude test and did not respect authority and basic work rules and he is committed to seeing this corrected.

When our schools implemented the mask mandates and then held on to them despite parental objections, Craig could no longer sit on the sidelines while parental rights are being downplayed or ignored.

Craig Kindig’s Stand

• Quality education to prepare our youth for the future
• Strong math, science and reading programs
• Parental involvement in children’s education
• Fiscal responsibility
• Rejecting political agendas in our schools
David is married and is the proud father of two daughters and six grandchildren in York County. He is a retired senior manager in air traffic control, having served the nation’s busiest airports. As a former president of a national organization, he distinguished himself as a policy innovator and advocate. He is articulate, fiscally conservative, and results-oriented.

David Conley’s Motivation for Running

When David learned that Dover’s academic performance has declined while school taxes were raised 11 out of the last 14 years, he wanted to know why. He has attended every school board meeting since 2021 and has seen first-hand that district leaders do not listen, or even respond, to the community they are entrusted to serve. He believes that this has to change!

David Conley’s Campaign Goals

• Institute District accountability to taxpayers
• Stop wasteful spending in our schools
• Improve the transparency of School Board functions
• Connect with our community’s traditional values
• Restore Dover’s educational excellence
Allen is married to an Assistant Principal and is the father of 3 girls and 4 boys who have attended or are attending Dover schools. He is a software developer with a degree in Computer Science. Allen has served on the York Sports Night Board. He has also served as a Dover Youth Soccer coach and currently volunteers as a Dover High Track coach. He regularly volunteers, attends church, and has previously served as president of a non-profit York city charity.

Allen Hogan’s Motivation for Running

Allen believes that the common ground we share is the desire for Dover to be a great place to live. As a result, Allen is very involved in our community and regularly communicates with administrative staff, teachers, coaches, and parents in our district. He also knows many business owners, board members, mayor(s), religious leaders, and township officials.

Allen Hogan’s Goals

• Lower taxes through disciplined spending
• Improved transparency and communication with parents
• Advocate for the integrity and safety of girls’ sports
Rob is a parent of Dover students who would like to see better results from our Board and Administration. He has 3 business degrees and 20+ years of accounting experience in both the public and private sectors. That background combined with a love for volunteer work with youth sports, Scouting and being an active Church member will help guide him to making sound decisions for our students, staff, and our community.

Rob McKinney’s Reason for Joining the Board

Rob believes school boards should be comprised of parents and taxpayers who are not only capable of doing the job, but have the best interests of the students, teachers, and community driving their decisions. We need to return our school back to a place where students focus on learning academics and skills, instead of political indoctrination.

Rob McKinney’s Goals

• Fiscal responsibility
• Utilize a curriculum that prepares for success
• Keep politics and social experiments out of our classrooms
• Be completely transparent to parents and community
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